Keynote Spring 2021

Past research (Stone & McKee, 2000) demonstrates that contemporary social factors will likely influence how college students envision their future careers and families. To explore how changing social norms in the first decade of the 21st century affected college students’ expectations for their future career, family roles, and division of labor, researchers (Murdoch & Richmond, 2014) compared responses from Muhlenberg College students in 2010 to similar students in 2000. Observations from 2000 and 2010 indicate that shifting social norms have influenced some, but not all, expectations for work and family roles. In this study, we were interested in comparing the past findings (Murdoch & Richmond, 2014) with Muhlenberg College student’s from 2020-2021 (N = 107) expectations about the future through a survey; we wanted to see if the current contemporary social factors (e.g., economic instability, political unrest, COVID-19 pandemic; Shafer, Scheibling, & Milkie, 2020) have impacted current Muhlenberg College student’s expectations about their future career and family roles, as well as division of labor. This presentation focuses on the division of labor aspect of our study. Additionally, as graduating seniors, Sarah Krell and Jenna Levin share their journeys as psychology research students.

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