Barriers to Care for Veterans

Savannah Connolly, Michael Cannon, Conor Dougherty

Our study intends to measure which barriers to care have the biggest impact in how open veterans are to receiving mindfulness based treatment for PTSD. Previous research suggests that both stigma about treatment and accessibility to treatment have an impact on veterans not seeking help for mental health concerns. We intend to focus on whether accessibility or stigma is the stronger barrier to care. This is in effort to make mental health care accessible for all veterans to receive.

6 thoughts on “Barriers to Care for Veterans

  1. This is a very important topic and I am glad people are discussing it. I find it interesting that almost half of the people surveyed didn’t respond. This might go back to the stigma of mental health especially with veterans and having it be an uncomfortable experience.

  2. This topic was very well done. I would be interested to see an extension of the study by surveying more women, this could perhaps give an answer to the best ways to approach mindfulness practices since they were not ass open to group situations.

  3. This topic interests me a lot. It was also very interesting to see the survey did not get the amount of responses they attended. I think it must be for the reason that they want to leave it behind the because it brings back such mental issues.

  4. Great job on this. Could reason people did not respond play a role into the embarrassment factor of the hypothesis you all proposed.

  5. I found it really interesting how women were more open to the idea of mindfulness as a method of treatment for mental health. Although you discussed why this is from the women’s point of view, why is it that men are less inclined to participate in mindfulness therapies?

  6. I really enjoyed this. I’d be curious to know if the framing of the mindfulness has an impact on whether or not some people are more or less receptive to it.

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