Experiences of POC at PWIs

by Rob Giuliano, Silvia Mejia-Armilla, Kayla Mosquera

In this study, we used the online survey engineer Qualtrics to compile a self-response survey for our participants. We are investigated the following assumed barriers college students face:  a) aversive racism, b)race stereotype threat/bias, c) race related coping, d) sense of belonging, e) academic performance, f) peer support g) perception of political elitist, h) financial stress, of all participants. Our survey consisted of many counterparts of a number of scales. The survey was published through Qualtrics and advertised on each student experimenter’s social media and shared through email. Participants are 18 years of age or older and live within the United States. Our goal is to identify  what specific barriers of the ones listed are most prominent for students of color to face while attending predominantly white institutions. 

One thought on “Experiences of POC at PWIs

  1. I really enjoyed learning about this study, I think it’s great to have such an important topic be the focus of a psychology study. One question I had was about the correlations between the different variables. I was a bit confused about how to interpret the charts presented.

    Great work!

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