Confidence and Loneliness on Ghosting

Meital Oshri, Lily K. Arovas, Chrissy L. Freeman, Julia V. LaCap

The main goal of our study was to examine the effects of ghosting within the context of online dating on levels of confidence and loneliness. We were interested in finding out whether one’s beliefs about ghosting effects their self-efficacy. Our results did not show any significant results, however, more research needs to be conducted on this topic in order to obtain more informed results.

2 thoughts on “Confidence and Loneliness on Ghosting

  1. This topic was very interesting to read about! What could be some factors with why might someone feels confident in themselves if they ghost someone?

  2. Hello! I thought this study had interesting conclusions. However, since the study’s results surprised me as much as they did, I tried to think of variables that might not be addressed here. One that came to mind was class – since the study relied on Muhlenberg students, and since many Muhlenberg students are upper or middle class, would that have affected the results at all?

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